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The Early Bird - Chocolate Twist
Laksa King - Curry Laksa
French Toast
Anatonis - Santa Anna
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How many times have you gone to a restaurant, looked at the menu and after reading the descriptions still had no idea what would arrive on your plate? How many times has this uncertainty put you off from ordering a certain dish?

If this sounds familiar to you as a customer, imagine how this impact can attribute to a loss of sales for you as a business. I See Food was created to defuse the mystery and be the perfect companion for any restaurant, especially those whose cuisines may be unfamiliar and could benefit from a visual representation.


I See Food's business model is simple. We aim to promote all businesses' through our platform by providing them with a dedicated, customisable website focussing on professional photos of the establishment's dishes shot and edited by I See Food.

We currently cater for all types of eateries in London and Cardiff and have plans to expand throughout the UK in the near future.


Though smart phones and social media may have allowed the general public to share their love of food, this unfortunately hasn't automatically made them all professional food photographers. Once in a while you might get lucky and be tagged in something resembling the intended look of your food, but let's be honest, the majority will be out of focus, have terrible lighting, odd white balance, strange filter, the list goes on! Worst of all, you have no control of what goes out there!

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